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I'm trying to compile some code using MPI with mpif90. So I have several subroutines like :

subroutine name()    
    include "mpif.h"

and I have a huge number of warnings from this mpif.h like :

Warning: Unused parameter 'mpi_win_disp_unit' declared at (1)
    Included at main.f90:29:


The problem is that I can't see the warnings that come from my actual code. My current compiler options are :

-O3 -Wall -Wextra -Wtabs -ffixed-line-length-132

I would like to know if there is a flag that disable warnings from a specific file, or from included files.

Thank you in advance.

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In C we'd say #pragma diagnostic ignored -Wunused-parameter but that particular syntax probably can't be used in gfortran.... –  John Zwinck May 2 at 7:19
This doesn't answer the general problem, but in your case could you use mpi instead of include "mpif.h"? –  francescalus May 2 at 10:04
Yes I can in my code, but the statement include "mpif.h" is used in some pieces of code that are not mine. I'm not sure I am allowed to modify it. Is there a benefit to do such a change ? –  Alexandre Hoffmann May 2 at 11:43
use mpi provides type checking for some MPI function arguments and also is more F90-ish. –  Hristo Iliev May 3 at 20:09

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