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TableAdapter is a wrapper for DataAdapter. It's impossible to use TableAdapters in generic way (bacause they inherit Component class). Is it possible to get the wrapped DataAdapter out of TableAdapter?

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As Brian pointed out, a table adapter is a partial class. If you want to expose the DataAdapter you can achieve that by the following code. (assuming you have a TableAdapter class MyTableAdapter.

public partial class MyTableAdapter
    public DbDataAdapter Adapter
        get { return this._adapter; }

Alternatively, you could write some general purpose method (or extension method) that returns the private adapter using reflection. That way you wouldn't have to "touch" every table adapter you create.

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Each table adapter contains the designer generated methods, which are not standard... rather than working with a generic base class, I'd investigate whether you could have a table adapter implement an interface because that would be easier to implement and still not lose the strong typing. I believe the table adapter is a partial class, and you can create a class:

public partial class MyTableAdapter : ISomeInterface

Which this interface can have your custom methods defined. I'm not sure about the partial thing, but I'm pretty sure they are partial classes.

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