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I am trying to use the inkfilepicker native android sdk with an account that uses policies. So when the sdk calls the filepicker backend to upload the file a 400 is returned, probably becuase I dont send an policy. It looks like policies are not supported in the native sdk. I cannot find any reference in the documentation about this. Does anybody know how to use policies with the android sdk?

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First of all, you need to Register for an API key and then set it in your code via,


I recommend you to read this: Ink File Picker Android Documentation

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Yes that is what I already know and do. But we use behind my api key is an account we also use for the site and it uses policy files. See https://developers.inkfilepicker.com/docs/security/. And sending policies and their signatures doesnt seem to be supported with the native sdk. –  Boris Nieuwenhuis May 2 at 13:36

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