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I've been trying to have a unity webplayer reading in a file that may be updated while the game is running. Initially I was using WWW:

url as string = "<siteurl>"
site as WWW = WWW(url)
while(not site.isDone):

But I was getting a no crossdomain file error (even though there was one). I've heard other people opened and saved their crossdomain file with vi and it suddenly started working without changing anything else, but this hasn't worked for me.

I wonder if it's possible to poll a site from a script in Unity? I was trying to do this in javascript, but am now learning "unityscript" and javascript aren't actually the same thing (I usually use Boo). Based on the securities in Unity, I'm not even sure if this is possible.

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Most likely: either your crossdomain.xml is not in the right location, or it's not in the right encoding. Would help if you could include the exact text of any error messages you see. You might also check the debugging options listed here. –  rutter May 2 at 19:31

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