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I am working on a application which includes a developer express Datagrid version 12.2.7 . i have checked the supported list of controls from here :


according to which the version which i have is technically not supported ? does that mean i cannot use testcomplete for that grid ? or do i have to upgrade the version base in my application too?

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I think that this means that SmartBear did not test this functionality with this specific version of the controls. Most probably, TestComplete should work without any problems with it.

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i recieved a mail from them saying it doesnt support , because i was not able to get the gridobj.MainView.ViewInfo.Cards.CardFieldInfoBy(RowHandle, Column).Bounds specifically was not able to get the Cards property – sabby May 2 '14 at 11:47
The properties you list are native properties. Advanced support for a control means extra high-level actions and not access to the native properties that is provided by the Open Applications feature. So, I think that this is not related to the DX controls support feature of TestComplete. – Dmitry Nikolaev May 2 '14 at 12:11

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