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I have a model that I can update through the form

instance.update(some_relations: [ {id: 1, some_other_relation_id: 26}])

This works great. The some_relation with id 1's some_other_relation is updated to point to 26.

However I have no idea how to create the form for this. I'd be looking for the html to look like

   .... name=model[some_relation][][id] type="hidden"
   .... name=model[some_relation][][some_other_relation_id]

But I am unsure on how to do that using the in-built form helpers (which I would prefer over hard-coding it).

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Read about accepts_nested_attributes_for: currentricity.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/… –  BroiSatse May 2 at 10:45
Accepts_nested_attributes_for is a model property, my model works great. (It already has accepts_nested_attributes for some_relation) I can do what I want through rails c perfectly. My question is how to build a form for it nicely. As you can see in my html I'm wanting to avoid using some_relation_attributes aswell. –  user1570690 May 2 at 11:06
you are looking for fields_for this will handle the associations in the form. –  engineersmnky May 2 at 13:41
What have you tried so far, as for the form building goes? Share some form relevant code that you have tried. –  Kirti Thorat May 2 at 14:02

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