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I am running Eclipse (Juno) CDT. I am working with a simple Hello World program. The code compiles (builds) correctly, (I've configured the build so that makefiles are generated automatically, and it uses an internal builder). Basically, I create a binary successfully.

But after running a debug, it shows these two errors in the 'Problems' view:

make:***No rule to make target 'all' make:***No rule to make target 'clean'

I searched the net and found that usually this error shows up during the build and causes problems - it isn't causing problems for me, but I would like it if there could be a way to remove these errors completely.

Also, is there a way to view the created makefiles. I followed the suggestions given on various forums, but nothing worked for me. I am running Eclipse (Juno) CDT on Ubuntu 12.04.

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