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After a manual update of Android Development Kit (Eclipse + Android SDK), Windows 7 became extremely laggy. Unable to call for Task Manager (explorer error), I tried a hard reboot, and ever since Windows boots normally to the desktop, but I can't do anything, I can't open any application, nor the Task Manager (It throws an Explorer error), so the system actually doesn't respond anymore.

I got to boot in Safe mode once to run my Antivirus and CCleaner, but problem persists and now when I try to boot in safe, it reboots automatically.

I tried to boot on Ubuntu, but even this gets stuck and doesn't respond.

I tried to plug my HDD to another computer as an external drive, my HDD gets recognized but says I need to format the disk before continue.

I also tried to use it on a Mac, it recognizes and allows to use my HDD, but the folder that contains my freshly downloaded Eclipse with ADT (and many important files I would like to save) is recognized like an alias but not as a folder, so I can't open it.

Does it mean that my HDD is dead? If so, could I possibly do anything to restore it to another drive (Just to reuse my Windows Home Premium OA licence, as no Windows installation CD is provided)?

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This question is off topic, but to add to the answer below... Once drives start to fail they very rapidly die completely. Stop plugging the drive into stuff. Don't do anything with it until you are ready to recover the data from it onto another computer. –  arx May 2 at 13:21

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This has nothing to do with eclipse. Im sorry to say but you HDD is fried. However this might help you recover the needed files: http://www.easeus.com/partition-recovery/ I've used it before myself when my hdd lost all it files and it worked

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