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I have a UICollectionView like following:

enter image description here

Is it possible to add scrollable content in the middle of rows on click of a cell like following: enter image description here

If yes, then how?

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Someone down voted my question for a spelling mistake!!! Seriously? And I thought that is what the edits are for. . . –  shrishaster May 2 at 17:36

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You can use this sample to your own need.

Expandable UICollectionView

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Thanks for the link. Looks like what I need. Will get back to you on how it works out. –  shrishaster May 3 at 8:55

What you can do is create 2 custom UICollectionView layouts. One without spacing and another one with it. Then animate change of the layout using method:

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That would be a workaround! Maybe my last resort. –  shrishaster May 2 at 17:35
This is not a workaround but a decent way of doing it. Modifying a layout and animating the change. Adding extra, unused cells would be a workaround. –  reecon May 2 at 20:33

I'm going to have to assume you're using UICollectionViewFlowLayout for this purpose.

What you can simply do is add a new Cell at the desired indexPath and in the sizeForItemAtIndexPath datasource method, return the desired size (full width, required height). The flow layout will handle the rest for you.

Inside that cell, you can use a UIScrollView to get the Scrollable Content.


Your cellForItemAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath will look something like this

if(indexPath.item == myItemIndex && indexPath.section == myItemSection)
    return CGSizeMake(768,200);
    return CGSizeMake(128,128);

The values above are just examples. Modify them to suit your needs.

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Hmm. I will try. But won't the sizeForItemAtIndexPath change the size of all the cells? –  shrishaster May 2 at 17:39
You can check the indexPath and send the larger size only for your cell. For all other cells return the normal size. –  dezinezync May 2 at 18:52

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