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How to subscribe messages for selected routing keys in single subscription. example:

User sending message described by "tags" (tags=routing keys):

messagingTemplate.convertAndSend("/topic/example.tagA.tagB.tagC.tagD"), sending_message);

I want to subscribe messages for routing tagA OR tagB so it's working when I put 2 subscriptions:

socket.stomp.subscribe("/topic/example.#.tagA.#", notify());
socket.stomp.subscribe("/topic/example.#.tagB.#", notify());

Does it have some overhead(eg. network overhead) if there will be not 2 subscriptions but more eg. 50 ? If previous solution have overhead is it possible to join this 2 subscriptions into one ? also solutions in single subscription looks better(because more concise).

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Please, specify what library you are using to get precise answer. –  zaq178miami May 2 at 20:25
hi, there are on the client javascript sockjs+stomp lib and on the backend java spring mvc. I'm using websockets(through sockjs+stomp) in spring4. –  mark small May 2 at 20:55
So, each web page is connected directly to RabbitMQ (through stomp )! is that right? –  Gas May 4 at 7:52
I'm not sure about technical implementation. I think that is'nt direcet connection from javascript client to rabbitmq and there is spring middleware. –  mark small May 4 at 14:18

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