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I've this HTML page: http://pastebin.com/ewN5NZis

I wanna try to use HtmlAgilityPack for obtain this result:

List 1: Title1, Title2 List 2: John, Antony List 3: 29/04/14, 28/04/14

I wanna store data in 3 different .

I'm trying with:

        HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument htmlDoc = new HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument();
        htmlDoc.OptionFixNestedTags = true;

        foreach (HtmlNode node in htmlDoc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//tr"))
            res += node.InnerHtml;

In res variable I'm storing all tag of the document is right? Now what I need to do in order to obtain 3 lists?


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It is not recommended to take all raw text because you have to split it and it is suicide.

Try this (take each <td> with its specific class and take InnerText not InnerHTML):

List<string> topicList = new List<string>; 
List<string> authorList = new List<string>; 
List<string> lastPostList = new List<string>; 
foreach (HtmlNode node in htmlDoc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//td[@class='topic starter']"))
                 string topic;
                 topic = node.InnerText;
foreach (HtmlNode node in htmlDoc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//td[@class='author']"))
                 string author;
                 author = node.InnerText;
foreach (HtmlNode node in htmlDoc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//td[@class='lastpost']"))
                     string lastpost;
                     lastpost = node.InnerText;
                     lastPostList.Add(lastpost); // This will take also the author that posted last post (e.g. Antony 24/10/09).

If you need separated text : last posted author and date you can use .split() property for string.

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Thanks this is perfect answer :) – user3579313 May 2 '14 at 14:09

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