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I am new to WPF, I am trying to bind to an element which is in another module/region.

I have two modules namely ComboBoxView(ComboBox module[UserControl]) and ContactsView(Contacts module[UserControl])

The ComboBoxView will have the ComboBox control which is bound to the DataContext. In the other hand the ContactsView will have the TextBlocks for holding the Name, Email, ContactNo data from the selected employee of the above ComboBox

How to get the ComboBox selected element from the ComboBox module and bind to this module?

ComboBoxView.XAML(code block)

<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> <TextBlock Text="Select the Employee" Margin="5" FontSize="14"/> <ComboBox Name="employees" ItemsSource="{Binding EmployeeModelList}" FontSize="14" Height="35" Width="400" SelectedIndex="0" Margin="10,0,10,10"> <ComboBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel Name="cbStackPanel" Orientation="Horizontal" Margin="2"> <TextBlock Text="Name : " Margin="2"/> <TextBlock Text="{ Binding Name }" Margin="2"/> <TextBlock Text="Title : " Margin="10,2,5,2"/> <TextBlock Text="{ Binding JobTitle }" Margin="2" /> </StackPanel> </DataTemplate> </ComboBox.ItemTemplate> </ComboBox> </StackPanel>

ContactsView(Code block)

 <StackPanel Name="firstStackPanel" Orientation="Horizontal" Margin="0,5,0,0">
            <TextBlock Name="tbNameLabel" Text="Name :" Margin="5,0,0,0" />
            <TextBlock Name="tbNameData" Text="{Binding ElementName=employees, 
                Path=SelectedItem.Name }" Margin="102,0,0,0" />

In contact's View in 'tbNameData' i need to fetch the value from the above modules combo box selected item.

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insert some code here (your view / viewModel). It will be usefull to give you a concrete answer, not a general one. –  meorfi May 2 at 14:22

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