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I am using structuremap in an asp.net (mvc) project and I am fairly happy with the functionality. One thing just came to me where I am not sure if I am too blind to see. I get several services instantiated in my controller class by structure map, but I want them to share methods that are base (hint) to all services. How can I achieve this? Using a base class does not really work (or do I have to reflect on the type?) because the base class methods will not be available in the interface description that defines the service. Do I have to add the method signature into every interface? I want to have all Service classes return their availability (e.g. bool upandrunning).

Any hints?

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Interfaces can extend other interfaces in .Net right? In Java it would be:

interface BaseService {
    boolean upAndRunning();

interface OtherService extends BaseService { ... }
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noah that is it! I knew I was blind outch

interface BaseService{  
   bool upAndRunning();

interface OtherService : BaseService { ... }

is the C# syntax.


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Please don't add answers like this but rather add a comment to noah's answer. –  Jan Jongboom Mar 15 '10 at 14:39

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