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I'm having an issue with getting jQuery & Bootstrap.js to load and play nicely. I can put them in the header and they work fine, but I have a 'master page' which loads 3 subforms on them. Thus on each form, I need to assure jQuery & Bootstrap.js are loaded but I cannot have them reload or it is causing issues.

So, I've created a jsfiddle that I'm using to assure jQuery is loaded before I then check to see if bootstrap.js is loaded (and load it if it is not). The problem is that code after the jQuery check seems to be executing before jQuery finishes loading despite trying to put a delay in to assure it does not.

Here is the code:

if(typeof jQuery=='undefined') {
    var headTag = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];
    var jqTag = document.createElement('script');
    jqTag.type = 'text/javascript';
    jqTag.src = '//code.jquery.com/jquery-2.0.3.min.js';
    jqTag.onload = myJQueryCode;
} else {
    alert('You are here')
function yourFunctionToRun(){
    //Your JQuery goodness here

function runYourFunctionWhenJQueryIsLoaded() {
    if (window.$){
        //possibly some other JQuery checks to make sure that everything is loaded here
    } else {
        setTimeout(function() {runYourFunctionWhenJQueryIsLoaded()}, 50);

if(typeof jQuery=='undefined') {
    alert('Houston we have a problem');

Here is the jsfiddle

Based on this fiddle, the alert windows should never open as it should not reach that until after jQuery is loaded.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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At the risk of bloating your code further, you should examine a dependency management or module framework like requirejs, which is an implementation of something close to the CommonJS spec. Even if you don't implement it as-is, you might learn enough looking through their code to resolve your issue. –  Palpatim May 2 at 15:11
Apparently you didn't read the rest of the answer that you copied your code from. stackoverflow.com/questions/6813114/… You are loading jQuery asynchronously, so when your if statement executes, you are still in the process of loading it. –  mambrow May 2 at 15:20
The thought of using another framework makes me ill. Getting the Bootstrap & jQuery frameworks to play nicely together is what is driving me crazy. Thus, adding another does not seem like a likely option. I'm 'old school' and prefer to have all my code written by myself, but I'm trying to evolve into at least the common Bootstrap & jQuery ones. –  Charles Wilkins IV May 2 at 15:24
mambrow - I tried to keep the jsfiddle simple. What happens inside the myJQueryCode function (which fires on the .onload function) first is: $(document).ready(function() { // now that jquery is loaded - load bootstrap if(typeof popover !== 'function') { loadJSfile("../../includes/js/bootstrap.js"); } } This fails because "$ is not defined" on $(document).ready(function () { Unless I'm wrong, this is because jQuery is not fully loaded yet. –  Charles Wilkins IV May 2 at 15:34
Also, in the jsfiddle - shouldn't the code be waiting for the complete of the delay function (runYourFunctionWhenJQueryIsLoaded() ) before continuing? Thus, it should not get to the alert until it recognizes that jQuery is loaded. –  Charles Wilkins IV May 2 at 15:35

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