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I would like to provide optional arguments to a ColdFusion Component using only CFScript, while maintaining use of the ColdFusion QueryParam SQL.

EXAMPLE A: Retrieving information from a basic user.cfm for all users:

<cfset get = application.controller.getuser()>

EXAMPLE B: Optionally, using the same method. Retrieving information from a basic user-edit.cfm?edit=662B2709-0BA3-42DB-AD2CC29069F4A259 for a specific user:

<cfset get = application.controller.getuser( userUID=url.edit )>

EXAMPLE C: Alternately, using the same method to find a specific first name:

<cfset get = application.controller.getuser( firstname=form.firstname )>

CFC ISSUE: Below is my controller.cfc. I would like to maintain the "AND userUID = :userUID" as an optional CFQueryParam that appears when requested only when requested by my script.

public function getuser( userUID='', password='', firstname='' ){
    var get = new query();

    // query
        SELECT  *
        FROM    users
        WHERE   1 = 1
        AND     userUID = :userUID
        AND     firstname = :firstname
        AND     passhash = :password

    if ( len(arguments.userUID) > 0 )
        get.addParam( name = "userUID", value = "#arguments.userUID#", cfsqltype = "cf_sql_varchar" );      

    if( len(arguments.firstname) > 0 )
        get.addParam( name = "firstname", value = "#arguments.firstname#", cfsqltype = "cf_sql_varchar" );

    if ( len(arguments.password) > 0 )
        get.addParam( name = "password", value = "#arguments.password#", cfsqltype = "cf_sql_varchar" );

    return get.execute();
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Use conditional logic to build a variable with your sql. Then use that variable in your get.setSQL method. – Dan Bracuk May 2 '14 at 15:20
What exactly is the "issue"? Are you asking how to build the sql string? If yes, build it conditionally, just as you do with the parameters. Then pass the final string into setSQL(...). Otherwise, could you please clarify your question? Be sure to include any error messages. – Leigh May 2 '14 at 15:21
Also, there is no need to use # signs in the addParam() calls. You can remove the quotes and # and simply use: value = arguments.password. Lastly, are you storing the passwords in plain text (seems like you may be), if so, stop doing that. You will want to hash them before storing them. – Scott Stroz May 2 '14 at 15:30
Your whole approach here is (at best) sub-optimal, if not outright wrong. Functions should perform a single task - you appear to be conflating three distinct tasks here. – Peter Boughton May 2 '14 at 15:31
controller.authenticateUser(username,password), controller.getAllUsers(/*optional filter*/), controller.getUser(useruid) – Kevin B May 2 '14 at 15:40
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Something like this should get you started.

sqlString = "select * from users where 1 = 1 ";
if ( len(trim((arguments.userUID)) > 0 )
sqlString &= " AND     userUID = :userUID";


Note that with this answer the query will return the entire table if no arguments are provided. That's also the case for your original code. You might want to think about handling that situation.

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Great answer - thank you, works exactly as desired! – myshyzile May 2 '14 at 21:33

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