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I have some Rake tasks I'd like to use in my Rakefiles. Is it possible to include tasks defined in one rakefile from another rakefile?

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Rake files are nothing different than ruby files. So just load the file A containing the other tasks in your file B and they will be available when B is executed.

For instance, if you put the following code in your Rakefile

Dir['tasks/*.rake'].each { |file| load(file) }

then you can create as many .rake files in the tasks subfolder and call them from the main Rakefile.

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Yup. I always do this, to a) keep to one domain per file (all gem related tasks in gem.rake, all test related tasks in test.rake, all documentation related tasks in doc.rake) and b) share common tasks between different projects (calling RDoc, RSpec, RubyGems is really the same, independent of the specific project). –  Jörg W Mittag Feb 26 '10 at 16:57

I've just done something similar with the following:

task :master do
  `rake slave`

task :slave do
  puts "Hello World"

Perhaps a little rudimentary, but it does the job.

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