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I've created an Outlook addin and when a message hits the inbox I am inspecting the headers for a particular key and then inspecting the attachments.

What' I've found is that in some cases by the time my code is evaluated the headers and attachment are there and in other cases the headers are not there and then in other cases the headers are there, but the attachment isn't.

My Outlook account is setup with IMAP and I'm imagining that the entire message hasn't been downloaded by the time my code runs, so I tried sleeping the thread, checking, sleeping etc and the headers/attachments are still null. If I set a breakpoint at the beginning of the event and step through then the headers/attachment are always there.

However if I move the message to another folder and then to the inbox again those items are available. Any ideas on what might be happening or what I should try?


Note: I'm using the Item Add event.

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