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We are looking to get High quality banners done for our website's portfolio similar to http://images.apple.com/iphone-5s/home/images/ilife_hero_2x.jpg . We use photoshop to create images however the end result of the Banners we create is not impressive.

We are not sure how to optimise our images to look good , with highest resolution. Is there any platform available where we could buy images from or any tutorials to help us use the correct Photoshop tools to come up with impressive banners.

If we look at any Apple images, they have a 3d effect and its almost like you real. I know they have the best designers, but that is most likely example I can give.

At this point we are stuck.

Your guidance on the same will be appreciated. We are making our way out and your valuable suggestions will help us on the right track.

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You might consider posting at graphicdesign.stackexchange.com instead. –  Kyle Hale May 2 at 15:57
Thank you I have posted there as well graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/30511/… –  Kunal981 May 2 at 16:09

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