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I have a python Interactivity script, like following example:

$ python

please input your email:


please input your password: 

  password correct.

Now will sync the email to local...

I want to use node to run the python script, and auto enter the email and password.

actually I want to batch execute python script with different email in no-block IO. how to do that?

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can you modify the sync_email script to just accept it's users via the command line? else this might be of use some use… – Doon May 2 '14 at 15:56 – vkurchatkin May 2 '14 at 17:02

The answer to your Problem could be Python-Shell, Install with npm.

To Send data to Python script(writes in stdin):

var PythonShell = require('python-shell'); 
var pyshell = new PythonShell('');    
// sends a message to the Python script via stdin

To Recieve from Python script(just use print in python):

var PythonShell = require('python-shell'); 
var pyshell = new PythonShell('');

pyshell.on('message', function (message) { 
// received a message sent from the Python script (a simple "print" statement)  
console.log(message); });

Verry easy to use, but note that you might specefy parameters/the path to the script so you have to use it like this.

var options = {
  mode: 'text',
  scriptPath: '/absolute/path/to/my/scripts',
  args: ['param1', 'value1', 'param2', 'value2']
var pyshell = new PythonShell('',options);

Maybe its to late for your purpose but it might help others since i had the same problem and it took me some time ;)

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