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My company is deploying an embedded software/hardware product. We have beta testers lined up who will test the product in the field.

We would like a system of keeping track of the feedback we receive from these users. Perhaps some sort of ticketing system?

I've looked at Zendesk as a possibility.


Thanks, Jason

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I am in the same situation, looking to track user feedback and aslo prioritize new features.

There is a lot to explore. Some are free, and some not :

  • I am testing BetaEasy, there is a free version that looks enough for me. (the free version of uservoice, GetSatisfaction, UserEcho are too limited)

  • A very well known solution is JIRA, used by a lot of software companies, but more like a ticketing system and expensive for commercial products

And if you have the server, and the time to install, you can look in the open source field :

Hope it helps, I am also still looking for a simple and cheap solution to get userfeedback for my iPhones App...

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Hi there. Thanks for your response. We decided to go with Zendesk, and are very happy with it. It's basically a ticketing system, but it's easy to use and the costs are very small, especially for small companies. The nice thing about it is that it scales well. – Jason Jun 14 '10 at 21:47

Follow this link, and you can find exactly which issue tracking system is needed for you

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