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I've exported an Item template that depends on some local images, and I would like to load them manually 'cause if I don't load them I get exceptions.

I'm trying to use the global variable $(ProjectDir) in the Form.Designer.vb but seems that is not recognized, what I'm doing wrong?

Me.PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile("$(ProjectDir)\Resources\Clipboard.png")

When I load the item template, the string above is read as a literal String.

PS: Also I don't know whether the global variable would points to the path of the solution where I'm loading my item template, or would points to the path where ive exported my item template... of course I need the second thing.

Note that I've marked this question with C# 'cause the usage of the global variables should be the same...

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Have you read just the title of the article link to which you have provided? –  Hamlet Hakobyan May 2 '14 at 18:52
@Hamlet Hakobyan I've suppossed that those vars could be used in this way too, 'cause for example $(rootnamespace) global variable is in the link, and a $rootnamespace$ variable is autogenerated in each file... seems the same, if not then I'm wrong and that's why I'm asking for help. –  ElektroStudios May 2 '14 at 18:54
Consider editning title/tags to be "can I use MSBuild variables in C# code"... Note that what your sample is showing is duplicate of many "how to load file from resource folder in C#". –  Alexei Levenkov May 2 '14 at 19:03

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May be you are not approaching the problem correctly. First $(ProjectDir) is a macro used by Visual Studio IDE for getting project's current path. If you want to get that through code then you can do:

string filePath = Path.Combine(Directory.GetParent(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory).Parent.FullName, 

But more importantly you have them in Resources. Why not use WinForm resources for it. You can add the image in resources, These resources will be available with the build and you can access them through code like:

PictureBox1.Image = Properties.Resources.Clipboard.png;

See: How to add images as resources to C# Windows Application

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+0: CurrentDirectory is likely bad idea - $(ProjectDir) is close to ExecutingAssembly... –  Alexei Levenkov May 2 '14 at 19:10
@Habb thanks for your help but the things that you've mentioned about the resources are uncertain, you can see my principal problem here:stackoverflow.com/questions/23431702/… , when exporting as an item template the resources are not exported then I've copied manually the 'Resources' folder in the item template root and now I'm messing up my head to be able to get the root dir of the loaded template to load the images... but no way, there is no way for me. –  ElektroStudios May 2 '14 at 19:11
Also when I use 'CurrentDirectory' method in the File.designer.vb it points to the dir where I've installer the VS IDE (devenv.exe), I've tried also with reflection but with no luck. –  ElektroStudios May 2 '14 at 19:12
Anyways the question about the usage of that macros is solved so thanks –  ElektroStudios May 2 '14 at 19:13
@AlexeiLevenkov, may be AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory; would be the correct one ? –  Habib May 2 '14 at 19:17

The variable you're using is not for use in code, only for macros within visual studio (like pre-build events).

See this question for information regarding getting the project directory: How to get Current Project Directory path using C#

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