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In our project written in C#/.Net Compact Framework 3.5, we want to use shared memory between the driver and our user application.

Today we have the driver which asks for a buffer in it's Read method and then copies data in bytes from it's local buffer to the user buffer.

By this mechanism we are getting lot of pinned objects and the performance of our app is also not good.

So are trying to use some kind of shared memory for the driver and the user application.

We started by allocating a big byte array in our application and passing the pointer to this big array to the driver so the driver and user app can both read/write to this buffer.

byte[] buffer = new byte[1024*1024*8]

But this method did not work, we got DataAbortException in the driver and we found out that the driver could not see the memory we allocated as the memory was not committed.

So we started to look for other solutions like MemoryMappedFiles.

I don't know how to implement it on .Net Compact Framework.

My question is to get some ideas from people who haves solved/implemented similer kind of shared memory in their apps.

What are various approaches for shared memory and their advantages/disadvantages. Any guideline/suggestion/recommendation is highly appreciated.

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