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I have a woocommerce store in PKR (Pakistani Rupee) currency. I want that when a customer shops in PKR, Woocommerce 2checkout gateway should convert the currency from PKR to USD. like wise, one other site (www.khaadi.com) is applying the same but I am not expert at coding and I want to apply the same on my store as well.

I have installed the plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/2checkout-payment-gateway-for-woocommerce/2635084 to pass woocommerce payments to 2checkout but it doesnt converts the currencies as desired since unable to process since PKR is not supported by 2checkout.

I also have installed https://wordpress.org/plugins/currencyr/ plugin on my store that converts currencies online and that can also be used in support to convert the currency from PKR to USD while moving on to 2checkout customer payment page.

A total billed on customer 2checkout sceen is set to be displayed in USD instead of PKR after converting PKR to USD.

Kindly help and advice. Thanks

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