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If I launch some function for asynchronous execution using QtConcurrent::run, and am monitoring the returned future using a QFutureWatcher, what if anything can I do in that asynchronously executing function to communicate some progress text back which will result in the QFutureWatcher firing its progressTextChanged signal?

ie what I want to do is something like:

void fn() {

QFutureWatcher watcher;
connect(&watcher, SIGNAL(progressTextChanged(const QString&)), &someGuiThing, SLOT(updateProgress(const QString&)));
connect(&watcher, SIGNAL(finished(), &someGuiThing, SLOT(doStuff()));
QFuture<void> future=QConcurrent::run(fn);

However, big problem, the QtConcurrent::run documentation clearly states

Note that the QFuture returned by QtConcurrent::run() does not support canceling, pausing, or progress reporting. The QFuture returned can only be used to query for the running/finished status and the return value of the function.

So what's the simplest thing I can do which will get me something functionally equivalent to what the above is trying to do? Do I have to abandon QtConcurrent::run? QFuture? Both? (And go back to QThread and queued connections?)

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QFuture returned by QtConcurrent functions like QtConcurrent::mappedReduced() have progress information provided by the progressValue(), progressMinimum(), progressMaximum(), and progressText() functions. Unlike QtConcurrent::run() which does not provide such a thing automatically.

QtConcurrent::run() does not provide progress information automatically like QtConcurrent::mappedReduced(). But you can have your own progress reporting mechanism using signals. I don't think there is any other way which is straightforward.

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OK, but then what do I actually call in fn() to get the progress information to update? Obviously it'll need to have something passed into it... but what? There seems to be a QFutureInterfaceBase which has progress info setting methods, but QFuture doesn't actually inherit it. Hmmm... obviously the next step is to look at the QtConcurrent::mappedReduced() implementation and see how it does it... – timday May 3 '14 at 8:52
I think using signals to report progress is the most convenient way when using QtConcurrent::run(). – Nejat May 3 '14 at 10:12
Yes that's what I ended up doing: sending status messages out of the concurrent function using QMetaObject::invokeMethod with QueuedConnection to a slot monitoring its progress (actually, BlockingQueuedConnection seemed to result in smoother display... I send a lot of messages). Bit more on the context at – timday May 3 '14 at 19:02

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