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i´m using LINQ with the subsonic in a class to get my data here is the code below:

public IQueryable<Veiculo> SelecionaVeiculosSite() 
                   return (from v in _db.Veiculos
                            where v.Ativo == true &&
                            v.Marca.Ativo == true && 
                            v.Modelo.Ativo == true
                            select v


You will see one difference in line at "v.Marca.Ativo == true", I did one modification in template of ActiveRecord to get a Object and not a IQueryable.

This is the code modified in the template generated:

public Marca Marca

              var repo=OKMMySql.Marca.GetRepo();
              return (from items in repo.GetAll()
                   where items.ID_Marca == _ID_Marca
                   select items).SingleOrDefault();

in the Code it´s ok, but this Select return this Execution time Error:

The member 'TestMode' is not supported.

I did not founded nothing in the Net about this error.

Many Thanks

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This is a bug, it's logged in the issue list on github and is being worked on at the moment. See the link below for details:

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Thanks Adam i foud the solution in the link that you indicated. Was a problem in the Subsonic.Core – Myr0 Mar 1 '10 at 17:23

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