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One of Vim's great strengths is object-select, offering quick manipulation of content inside words, paragraphs and assorted delimiters.

For example,


will select everything inside a pair of {} braces.

Is there any equivalent functionality for selecting a here document or heredoc:


Based on ErichBSchulz's answer I came up with the following for an heredoc inner select:

nmap <F6> ?<<<<CR>w*kV?<<<<CR>j

?<<<<CR>w    " find beginning tag (after <<<)
*k           " find matching end tag and go up 1 line
V            " enter visual mode
?<<<<CR>j    " find beginning tag and go down 1 line
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mmm... thinking about the earlier posts and trying to take them a step closer... this wont be 100% reliable (ie will break if the starting tag occurs within the heredoc but something like

?<<< "find begining
w    " go to starting tag
*    " find starting tag
v    " enter visual mode (could use Upper V to do an 'ambientish' object select 
n    " find end tag
e    " optional include end tag

edit: i'm a vim noob, and Ken has improved the sequence as above so I suggest you use his better key mapping for an 'inner' heredoc select:

nmap <F6> ?<<<<CR>w*kV?<<<<CR>j

(this is based on php style heredocs)

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Thank you! I'd actually forgotten about this question but you put me onto the right path – Ken Jan 18 '12 at 9:49
Thanks Ken, nice tweak, but there's a typo in your key map - should be upper V - ie: nmap <F6> ?<<<<CR>w*kV?<<<<CR>j – ErichBSchulz Jan 19 '12 at 3:04

For selecting heredoc's I usually place the cursor at the first line, over the heredoc identifier and press V*

V will start a line selection, and * will start a search, going to the next match of the identifier, the end of the heredoc...

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A <<'' heredoc terminated by an empty line is easy, if you're already at the start (?<<^M^M): v} selects from here until the empty line.

Otherwise, in your example the best I can think of is v/^HTML.

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There's this plugin that let's you define your own text objects.


I imagine it would be nice to define one so you could say 'yih' (yank in heredoc) so you don't have to explicitly go to the start.

Note I haven't fooled around with this myself.

If you just want a visual select you could.

 nnoremap <leader>ih ?HTML<cr>V/HTML<cr>
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