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In highcharts when I switches from one chart type to another type the zoom selection gets reset to 'All'.

In the following picture I have chosen chart type 'Candle Stick' and zoom type '1M' enter image description here

Now when I change the chart type to 'Line' the zoom type reset to 'All'

enter image description here

I want to prevent from changing zoom type from one selection to another when I change chart type. By the way, is it possible to keep those line which I created in one chart type as it is and when I switches to another chart type it shouldn't remove.Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Please create a jsFiddle demonstrating your problem or at the very least show us some code. In it's current form your question is unanswerable. I did a quick attempt to reproduce your problem (jsfiddle.net/29PZE) but my zoom remains when I switch series type. –  Mark May 3 at 15:02
I already asked somehow similar type of question...please check this link [stackoverflow.com/questions/22680335/… if you don't understand the I will create a JSfiddle. –  Poles May 4 at 16:38

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I looked that your question here for your code. The problem is that you aren't updating your chart when your series type changes but instead you are re-creating the whole chart. Anything drawn on it or zoom options that have been changed will not be preserved. So, instead of re-creating the chart, just update it. For instance to change the series type do:

Highcharts.charts[0].series[0].update({'type':type}); // set the first series to a type

See this fiddle example.

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You are right.its working, but again when I switch to candlestick or ohlc the chart becomes full blank. Any idea why is that occurring? –  Poles May 5 at 8:34
Becasue candlestick/ohlc needs to 5 values, instead of 2. In other words you need to have x,open,high,low,close values but in line/column you have only x,y. –  Sebastian Bochan May 5 at 9:14
But I have all those values because: I am requesting oanda data from API like this : var data='http://api-sandbox.oanda.com/v1/history?instrument=EUR_USD&candleFormat=mi‌​dpoint&granularity=W'; var datalen=data.candles.length; for(var i=0; i<datalen;i++) { var each=[Date._parse(data.candles[i].time), data.candles[i].openMid, data.candles[i].highMid, data.candles[i].lowMid, data.candles[i].closeMid] onadata.push(each); } previously when I was re-creating the chart whenever I switches from one chart to another it works. –  Poles May 5 at 9:41
@SebastianBochan : Please see the fiddle [ jsfiddle.net/das_palash89/7txq9 ].but again when I switch to candlestick or ohlc the chart becomes full blank –  Poles May 5 at 12:27
It looks like a bug, reported to our developers here: github.com/highslide-software/highcharts.com/issues/3008 –  Sebastian Bochan May 5 at 12:57

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