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Does anyone have functioning and reliable code for doing folding text on iOS or pointers?

At WWDC 2013 Apple demoed it as part of Text Kit but so far has not released any documents or example code.

There was another discussion of folding text How do I fold text in iOS 7? with some example source code.

The posted answer appears to be correct and works to some extent but crashes with glyph run storage areas after opening and closing a number of sections. (Range errors or infinite loops, and no, it's not an off by 1 or actual range issue. Evidently the Mac had a number of similar bugs for awhile in their nslayoutmanager group.

2010 WWDC has a demo (Session 114) of Folding Text for the Mac (video http://adcdownload.apple.com//videos/wwdc_2010__hd/session_114__advanced_cocoa_text_tips_and_tricks.mov ) (the source code example has been pulled) but the entire NSLayout structure is much different on iOS. Might provide more of an insight. One hint that seems to improve is to set the 1st character of a run with NSControlCharacterZeroAdvancementAction (or possibly NSGlyphPropertyControlCharacter). In the WWDC 2010 demo on the Mac that use the special image glyph to insert a small view and controller within the text.

So has anyone been able to get folding text to work reliably on iOS devices or stumbled on any more information or insights?

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