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I have a very simple bash script

count=`ls | wc -l`
mkdir Folder$count

This script works when I execute it manually but fails to execute in the crontab. All the permissions on the file for execution are okay.

I have tried the following, put the output of the PATH variable in the crontab entry. Below is my my config in the crontab.

* * * * * /opt/workspace/makedir

In /var/log/syslog, I could see that the cron executes the script every minute. So what am I missing?

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How do you mean "fails to execute in the crontab"? What are the errors? What are the symptoms? –  aqn May 8 at 1:42

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I guess the working directory of cron is /. add a cd /path/to/your/working/directory to your script and it'll probably work.

The default cron executing environment is very limited, but I think ls, wc and mkdir will be found

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