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I am a seasoned programmer and looking to develop some product of my own which could generate revenue in small amount. I am not looking to earn millions out of it or dream about making the next Facebook. All I am looking is to generate a yearly income of $10K and that should be enough.

I am specifically looking for some web apps which I could create myself or gather a team of 2-3 more people and develop it. Here are some of the apps that are interesting:





These are the types of apps that I can build. Do you any app ideas like these ones. Please post those app links. I want to create something but I am not sure from where to start.


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questions like these are frowned upon on StackOverflow. Quora is a better place to ask these open ended questions. I would also recommend to check out builditwith.me –  Jonathan May 3 at 9:15
@Jony: No need to frown on me. I asked the question in a serious tone. –  Jack May 3 at 9:18
I don't take offense, mods will though. Here is the kind of questions you should avoid asking on StackOverflow: stackoverflow.com/help/dont-ask –  Jonathan May 3 at 9:21

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