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Hi !

I have to create a website for the company were i'm working :)

My problem :

I created http://webl.eu/wordpress/ with Wordpress, it's a child theme from "Twenty Thirteen".

I would like to make the navigations li or a changing when the user scrolls to the corresponding element. I found this script :


  var sections = [];
  var id = false;
  var $navbar = $('#navigation_desktop .navigation');
  var $navbara = $('a', $navbar);

    $('html, body').animate({
      scrollTop: $($(this).attr('href')).offset().top - $navbar.height()

    sections.push($($(this).attr('href'))); // !!!erreur ici!!!


    var scrollTop = $(this).scrollTop() + ($(window).height() / 2)
    for(var i in sections){
      var section = sections[i];
      if (scrollTop > section.offset().top) {  // !!!erreur ici!!!
        scrolled_id = section.attr('id');
    if (scrolled_id !== id) {
      id = scrolled_id
      $('a[href="#' + id + '"]', $navbar).addClass('current');


hash = function(h) {
  if (history.pushState) {
    history.pushState(null, null, h);
    location.hash = h;

I think it should work...but it doesn't :(



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try the jquery waypoint plugin imakewebthings.com/jquery-waypoints – jeremy castelli May 3 '14 at 18:40
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I solved my problem :

It's pretty easy : This script doesn't work if there is anything else than anchors in the menu !

Hope it will be useful to you ;)


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Pretty late answer but thank you !!! :) – Léo Oct 14 '14 at 9:54

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