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I'm need linear type technical indicator(Linear) with custom set periods value not the default value '100'.

So, I have created this JSfiddle for the same with custom periods value '70'.

    name: 'Linear Trendline',
    linkedTo: 'primary',
    showInLegend: true,
    enableMouseTracking: true,
    type: 'trendline',
    algorithm: 'linear',

But this does not take any effect. the periods value is still taking 100. what I did wrong?

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I advice to contact with the plugin's author. –  Sebastian Bochan May 5 at 9:23

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Documentation is sparse but from a quick look at the source, the period parameter is how many points to include in (the window size of) the moving average. The linear algorithm type, though, is a regression line. It fits to all the data points and by definition does not have a window size.

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So what should I do?? I mean how do I pass custom periods value? –  Poles May 4 at 16:40
@Poles, you don't, for a regression line, it doesn't make sense. What are you trying to do, can you illustrate how you want it to look? –  Mark May 4 at 19:24
Ok...I misunderstood your answer. Sorry, Now I totally get it. There is no period value for the regression line right? –  Poles May 5 at 10:03

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