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I'm running Eclipse and trying to create a simple test program trying our ResourceBundle with a couple of different files. The file is properly named as ResourceFile_us_US.properties. But I'm getting an exception on the getBundle() call because it apparently can't find the file. Where should it be located so it can be found?

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us_US? Do you want en_US? –  Michael Brewer-Davis Feb 26 '10 at 20:31

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You know java is looking for a properties file in a specific locale. You may be baffled why java keeps complaining it can't find a properties file that is right there. A few things to keep in mind when debugging this type of errors:

  1. These resource properties files are loaded by classloader, similar to java classes. So you need to include them in your runtime classpath.

  2. These resources have fully-qualified-resource-name, similar to a fully-qualified-class-name, excerpt you can't import a resource into your java source file. Why? because its name takes the form of a string.

  3. ResourceBundle.getBundle("config") tells the classloader to load a resource named "config" with default package (that is, no package). It does NOT mean a resource in the current package that has the referencing class.

  4. ResourceBundle.getBundle("com.cheng.scrap.config") tells the classloader to load a resource named "config" with package "com.cheng.scrap." Its fully-qualified-resource-name is "com.cheng.scrap.config"

More : Can't find bundle for base name com...config, locale zh_CN


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I believe it just looks in the classpath.

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