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I am having a issue with characters in my XML when I view it on a website. The character I want to be put in is § and what is coming out is § and my xml is <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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wrong encoding maybe ? did you try setting it as utf-8 ? –  Banana May 3 at 15:43
Please show a full XML document. –  Patrick Hofman May 3 at 15:47
try using the html code for your § character, which is &#167 –  Banana May 3 at 15:49
Omg I love you lol. the &#167; worked! How did you find out that was the code for it? I couldnt find that anywhere! –  user3585563 May 3 at 16:13
lol there are plenty of code maps out there, ill post an answer in a sec xD –  Banana May 3 at 16:55

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instead of the character § you can use its html code which is either &#167 or &sect.

have a look here Ascii Code, every ascii symbol has a dedicated html code that can be used instead of the symbol.

like the unbreakable space which i am sure you are familiar with: &nbsp

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If you see “§” as “§”, then the reason is usually that the data contains “§” SECTION SIGN U+00A7 as UTF-8 encoded, as bytes 0xC2 0xA7, but it is being misinterpreted as being in an 8-bit encoding like windows-1252 or ISO-8859-1. Alternatively, an incorrect character code conversion (“double UTF-8 encoding”) has taken place.

Check out the HTTP headers of the web page. If they declare an encoding other than UTF-8, they may override the in-document declaration.

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