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At first I am sorry for my bad English. I am fifteen year old and from Czechia.

My question is short: May (or Can, I am bad at English) I connect 2 7,2V DC motors to L293D and the L293D to RPi? Thank you for your help!

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The short answer is yes you can. However, you must be sure to use the right voltages.

  • Connect +5V to L293D:VCC1
  • Connect +7.2V to L293:VCC2

The raspberry pi has 3.3V logic levels, but this should be sufficient to enable the input pins of the L293D.

Also make sure to connect your Enable lines (Pin 1 and 9) to either VCC1 or to a raspberry pi pin which you set high.

Good luck and have fun!

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Yes, You can connect them, but just put the voltages right as mentioned in the above answer.

If you want to buy DC motor online, you may get it easily from TU-eshop. Even they will provide you complete electronics projects, which will avoid all your hassles of joining these motors.

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