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MY website is Hidden for Privacy. I am trying to get a photo to show up when I post my link to my facebook, but I had all of my pictures in my CSS rather than in the HTML because it is a parallax site. Now I then searched what Facebook looks for with the pictures it posts and was given HTML which I then switched to haml. I did have to hide the picture simply because I can't have it displayed on the page when I already have something displayed.

My code is...

  = link_to(image_tag("/assets/WB_small.jpg", :alt => "logo"), "/")

The HTML output is...

<div class='hidden'>
      <a href="/"><img alt="logo" src="/assets/WB_small.jpg" /></a>

Has anyone dealt with something like this before or knows a specific way to make Facebook grab a photo, but not display it on the website?

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try this

<meta property='og:image' content='image.jpg'/>
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This fixed my favicon issue as well it seems. I have no idea why or how. Though the image I put in there won't work with Facebook, but it does pull the other image off the site. –  Taylor Mitchell May 3 '14 at 16:25

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