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does anyone here have ever worked with DSLs (Domain Specific Languages) in the finance domain ? I am planning to introduce some kind of DSL support in the application i'm working on and would like to share some ideas.

I am in a stage of identifying which are the most stable domain elements and selecting the feature which would be better implemented with the dsl. I haven't yet defined the syntax for this first feature.

I appreciate any advices


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Jay Fields and Obie Fernandez have written and talked extensively on the subject.

You'll also find general stuff on implementing DSL in Martin Fowler's writings (but not specific to finance).

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Financial contracts have been modeled elegantly as a DSL by Simon Peyton Jones and Jean-Marc-Erby. Their DSL, embedded in Haskell, is presented in the paper How to write a financial contract.

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Domain specific languages (DSLs) are most commonly used to represent financial instruments. The canonical paper is Simon Peyton Jones' Composing Contracts: an Adventure in Financial Engineering which represents contracts using a combinator library in Haskell. The most prominent use of the combinator approach is LexiFi's MLFi language, which is built on top of OCaml (their CEO, Jean-Marc Eber, is a co-author on the Composing Contracts paper). Barclay's at one point copied the approach and described some additional benefits, such as the ability to generate human-readable mathematical pricing formulas (Commercial Uses: Going Functional on Exotic Trades).

DSLs for financial contracts are typically built using an embedding in a functional language such as Haskell, Scala, or OCaml. The uptake of functional programming languages in the financial industry will continue to make this approach attractive.

In addition to representing financial instruments, DSLs are also used in finance for:

I maintain a complete list of financial DSLs papers, talks, and other resources at http://www.dslfin.org/resources.html.

If you'd like to meet professionals and researchers working with DSLs for financial systems, there's an upcoming workshop on October 1st at the MODELS 2013 conference in Miami, Florida: http://www.dslfin.org/

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We worked on the idea of creating a financial valuation DSL with Fairmat ( http://www.fairmat.com )

-it exposes a DSL which can be used to express pay-offs and payment dependencies -it contains an extension model for creating new types of analytic and implementations of theoretical dynamics using .NET/ C# with our underlying math library (see some open source examples at https://github.com/fairmat

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