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Suppose I'm working with the following C snippet:

void inc(int *num) {*num++;}
void dec(int *num) {*num--;}

void f(int var) {

By using a static analyzer, I want to be able to tell if the value of var didn't change during the function's execution. I know I have to keep its state on my own (that's the point of writing a Clang checker), but I'm having troubles getting a unique reference of this variable.

For example: if I use the following API

void MySimpleChecker::checkPostCall(const CallEvent &Call,
                                    CheckerContext &C) const {
    SymbolRef MyArg = Call.getArgSVal(0).getAsSymbol();

I'd expect it to return a pointer to this symbol's representation in my checker's context. However, I always get 0 into MyArg by using it this way. This happens for both inc and dec functions in the pre and post callbacks.

What am I missing here? What concepts did I get wrong?

Note: I'm currently reading the Clang CFE Internals Manual and I've read the excellent How to Write a Checker in 24 Hours material. I still couldn't find my answer so far.

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Can you provide more details of your implementation? There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your approach. Maybe your implementation has some issues. –  anirudh May 7 at 15:43
I've used SimpleStreamChecker as a reference. In the checkPostCall method, I've commented out the two "if" checks and them used the statement provided above. You can check it by modifying your build of clang and running this checker in the code provided in the question. I'm using revision 208276. –  haole May 8 at 3:28

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I think you missed the check that this call event is a call to your function inc/dec. You should have something like

void MySimpleChecker::checkPostCall(const CallEvent &Call,
                                CheckerContext &C) const {
    const IdentifierInfo* callee = Call.getCalleeIdentifier();
    if (callee->getName().str() == "inc" || callee->getName().str() == "dec")
        SymbolRef MyArg = Call.getArgSVal(0).getAsSymbol();
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This is not helpful. Just checking the function name of the callee doesn't change anything. –  haole May 13 at 2:35

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