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I would like to switch from Dart Editor to WebStorm 8. But I am not able to compile my project as a Chrome Packaged App. I can simply run the HTML Files, which are completely ignoring my manifest.json and all chrome specific libs I'd like to use.

Can anyone give me suggestions how to add such a run configuration? Many thanks in advance!

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Are you talking about building or debugging your chrome app?

AFAIK, you don't need to compile anything to debug your dart chome app. You just have to create the right manifest.json and its background.js file to create the window/service.

If so, you can load your project directory directly in dartium by using the load unpacked app feature or by using the official chrome app developper extension.

If your manifest.json and background.js are fine, your app ll show up in a dedicated window.

Then, you just have to do a right click + refresh the application inside the chrome app window to apply the code changes.

It completely works for debugging, but i never tried to build a release from WebStorm...

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