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I added the Google Gson jar file to my Android project by copying and pasting the gson-2.2.4 jar file to the libs folder and then right clicked on the Jar file and then select Build Path > Add to Build Path(I followed this tutorial). Then everything worked fine for me with this jar file, but after pushing to github, when my friends pulling this project, they said that all code relevant to that Gson jar file shows errors. How could I fix this?

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You can create a library project which contains the jar file, and then add this library to your project.

Create library project in eclipse: File->New->Android application project->Next->Check Mark this porject as a library, uncheck Create custom launcher icon and Create activity->Finish

Add the library to your project: Right click your project->Properties->Android->Add->Select the library project you created ->Apply->OK

After finishing these two, you should be able to use Gson, and when pushing your project, remember to push the library project as well.

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As you said its working fine but " push the library project as well",When i try to push the library project it shows the same error...How to push the support library(gson) to github? –  Srinivasan Jan 22 at 12:20

Problem 1 : Jar doesnt exist. You probably forgot to add, commit and push your changes to github after adding the jar.

Problem 2 : Jar exists but unrecognised. Ask your friends to remove the existing library from java build path using project properties and add again.

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