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I disable org.eclipse.ui.forms.widgets.Hyperlink control just calling hyperLink.setEnabled(false).

However after that the link doesn't looks like disabled control. The link is not grayed out (but I can't click it of course).

The question is: why the link is not grayed out and what should I do to gray out disabled links?

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Just extend Hyperlink and set the default colors. Alternatively you could create a composite delegate and forward the interface if it isn't too big - that's probably preferable.

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Note that, in addition to Santosh's answer, with Eclipse 4.3 M6, you can restore the default color more easily, since you now have:

A new constant (SWT_COLOR_LINK_FOREGROUND) has been added that will return the native color of hyperlinks on all platforms.

SWT link color

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did you try setting gray foreground explicitly ?

you can use following helper method:

public static void setEnabled(Link link, boolean enable){
          link.setForeground(null); // resets to system's default color
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just tried. this works. but now I need to set color back, and how can I obtain the default color for hyperlinks? :) I don't want to ask control to return it's foregraound color and store it - it would be to complicated solution for such a thing that we supposed to have for free. Probably I can say Eclipse somehow to use "gray" as foreground for disabled hyperlinks? –  javapowered Feb 27 '10 at 11:47
this looks good, but doesn't work for me. In my eclipse the default color for enabled links is "dark blue", and "light blue" when you hover over. But if I set foreground to "null" then links become black and "light blue" when you hover over. –  javapowered Mar 4 '10 at 22:37

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