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I am trying to merge two pictures to make it appear like the 1st image in this link. I want to merge the 2nd pic in to the 3rd pic and it should be merged similar to the 1st pic. How do I do that? Is there any specific name for this type of editing, so that I can search for some tutorials. Thanks in advance!

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You are referring to the "teeth whitening" image right? Create 2 different layers for the 2 images, use the layer mask tool on your second layer, located on the bottom of the layers panel. Once you have created a layer mask, Use the gradient tool on the mask to fade the second layer and allow the first to show through.

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Layermask - Black/White gradient. Black is hiding it. Place them on top of eachother and add a layermask to the one on top. Select layermask and draw with a black and white gradient on that mask.

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