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I have a table account with columns - account_id and account_name.

Each account may or may not have one or more associated accounts and all the records will be in the same account table above.

If an account has any associated account(s), the information is saved in the account_mapping table with two columns - parent_account_id, child_account_id.

Example: account_id 1 has three associated records, account_id 2 has two associated records and account_id 3 has no associated records.

account table has
1, a1
2, a2
3, a3
4, a4
5, a5
6, a6
7, a7
8, a8

account_mapping table has
1, 4
1, 5
1, 6
2, 7
2, 8

Without using annotation (using mapping in the hbm file), how to create the mapping and entity class.

Also, if I read an account with an id, I should get the list of associated accounts (if any) in the account entity object

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