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I have a location and directional indicator View that I use to mark a point on a UIView within a UIScroll view.

For the directional indicator, I have been drawing a rotated PNG image within a view

I would like to have the directional view scroll but not zoom. I want the indicator to follow the content as it scrolls but not shrink to a dot when it zooms out or become giant zooming in.

If I have the indicator as a subview of the contents, I can scroll but zooming also affects the indicator.

If I have the indicator as a subview of the scroll view, the indicator stays the same size and scrolling works but one zooming sends the indicator all over.

How could I get an indicator view that stay the same size and tracks the content?

Let me add that I have tried placing the indicator as a subview of the scroll view and adjusting its position in the delegate's

- (void)scrollViewDidZoom:(UIScrollView *)scrollView

relative to the value of


That actually works beautifully in the simulator. However, on devices, the indicator ends up moving all over the place during zooming.

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