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I am trying to filter out one xml document using xpath and count number of nodes which contain given string. here is my code

    string ElementValue = Action
    nodeList = root.SelectNodes(@"/moviedb/movie[contains(genres, "+ ElementValue +")]");
                return nodeList.Count;

and part of XML

    <title>The Dark Knight</title>

I guess that it is something with xpath contains expression. While i was using full match syntax, everything was working correctly.

thanks again

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Check out your previous question and compare resulting XPath between questions... Hint: Quotes... double quotes... single quotes.... To make this question answerable make sure to add line string ElementValue = {real value here} to your sample. – Alexei Levenkov May 4 '14 at 1:40

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Use single-quotes in your XPath whenever possible to make your life easier :

nodeList = root.SelectNodes(@"/moviedb/movie[contains(genres, '"+ ElementValue +"')]");

Or you can use String.Format() method to concatenate values from variables into single string result in a more intuitive way (especially when you have many variables to be "injected" to the string) :

var xpath = String.Format("/moviedb/movie[contains(genres, '{0}')]", ElementValue);
nodeList = root.SelectNodes(xpath);
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