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I am currently working to switch over a site using mysql functions to mysqli. The Select query's where clause ends up being built dynamically depending on user choices. My understanding is mysqli_bind_param needs the exact number of parameters, so do I need to use programming logic to build the prepare statement dynamically or is there any easier way using the prepared statements with mysqli?

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There are many ways to deal with this problem. A common one is just switching to PDO so that you don't have to do anything weird. Have you reviewed the high-voted notes on the mysqli_stmt::bind_param manual page? For possible dupes here on SO, search for "mysqli bind_param dynamic". –  Charles May 4 at 1:42
Thanks for the resources, I will look into them and PDO as well. –  arvinkx May 4 at 15:05
+1 I agree PDO is way easier for the case when you have a variable number of parameters. You can simply pass an array of values to PDOStatement::execute(). Mysqli requires using call_user_func_array() which is confusing and hard to get right. –  Bill Karwin May 6 at 18:12
PDO is actually the route I ended up taking. I spent a little extra time learning to use PDO (which was not much) but well worth it, made dealing with this problem much easier. Thanks again all. –  arvinkx May 6 at 22:10

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