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I have a problems with javascripts assets in Ruby on Rails. Descripttion: I have two files in app/assets/javascript folder.

  1. "constans.js" include a constant array "var FEATURES = new Array["A","B","C"]"
  2. "route.js.erb" <%= FEATURES[1] %>

Now , I'm implementing my function in "route.js.erb" but I can't access the "FEATURES" array ?
I searched on Google but can't not find the solution.
So, anybody can help me? Thanks! ( my first question in stack overflow , sorry for my bad english)

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Where your included your "constans.js" file.. via application.js or in the layout.. can you post that code? – Raj Adroit May 4 '14 at 4:46
Can you access FEATURES from browser console? – Pramod Shinde May 4 '14 at 5:27
I've got the answer. Javascript constant can not be accessed in Rails tag . Thanks all for your response. – zatcsc May 8 '14 at 11:21


window.FEATURES = new Array["A","B","C"]"

in constants.js

and make sure that the constants.js is being loaded.

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There are several important factors:

  1. Scoping of the variable
  2. Calling the variable in ERB


First, you need to ensure your variable is scoped globally. To do this, you've declared the variable in constants.js, so you need to ensure this is called before the routes.js.erb file. You should also take @user3243476's advice & append it to the window object:

window.FEATURES = new Array["A","B","C"]


Secondly, you're calling routes.js.erb (which is fine), but inside you're calling <%= FEATURES["1"] %>. Problem. This is calling a Rails constant, not the JS one. This means even if your variable's scope is global, you're trying to call one which doesn't exist.

You'll need to do this:

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Thanks for your answer. The problem is that I can't not call Js constant in Rails tag . So I got another way to solve my problem already. – zatcsc May 8 '14 at 11:19

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