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I am using CakePHP 2.3.6. Right now, I am doing a project, where I have several plugins. Now, I want the Elements(header, footer, sidebar) will appear in the default layout according to different plugins. I am trying to explain it using an example :

In my default layout, I have this for the header :

<?php echo $this->element('header');?>

Now, I want to keep the same layout in the "AdminPanel" plugin, so I am not gonna have a different layout in that plugin. But, I want a different header(say, admin-header.ctp) to reaplace that common header(header.ctp), in the same layout, when I call that plugin. Is that possible ? If yes, how ? Please help me.


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Why dont you make a new layout and call new elements in it ? – Moyed Ansari May 4 '14 at 8:30
Actually, I was just looking for an easier & faster way. I thought, that'd be better. Yes, I can do it the way you said, but then I have to create another default layout,...etc. By the way, I think I can use if-else to detect the user-type. Thanks for your concern. @MoyedAnsari – Subhasish Saha May 4 '14 at 8:50

In your AppController beforeFilter or beforeRender put put something like:

if (isset($this -> params['prefix']) && $this -> params['prefix'] == 'admin') {
 $this->set('layout_type', 'admin');
 $this->set('layout_type', 'public');

In your default.ctp layout

if('layout_type' == 'admin'){
echo $this->element('admin_header');
echo $this->element('header');
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