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Using pyUnit to do what is currently a very small and simple unit test I am getting the message:

'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
Ran 3 tests in 0.094S

When I rerun the unit test with the -v parameter, it returns verbose information about each of the 3 tests and has no error or failure messages.

What does this message mean?

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The first thing to know is that the message you're seeing is from the Python interpreter, and has nothing to do with pyUnit. The -v in the message refers to "python -v".

As to why you can't import site, and why running pyUnit with -v makes the error go away, I don't know. Do you have your own site.py?

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I have absolutely no clue why, but this message has vanished over the course of continuing to work on the project. Thanks, its good to know its from the interpreter. –  TimothyAWiseman Mar 2 '10 at 17:46

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