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After my system call has returned because it was interrupted by a signal, is there a way to determine exactly which signal type (i.e. child process termination) caused the interruption?

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There's a number of facilities in Linux to deal with signals:

  • waitpid(2) could be used to wait inline for SIGCHLD
  • sigaction(2) could be used to setup handler functions to react to specific signals, the SA_RESTART flag here affects whether certain system calls are interrupted or restarted
  • sigprocmask(2) could be used to block a number of signals
  • sigwait(3) could be used to wait for number of signals inline
  • Latest kernels support signalfd(2), which is convenient when one needs to combine signal handling and non-blocking IO.

Then there's the whole next level of complexity when we start talking about threads, though if you deal with signals explicitly you usually don't really care which signal interrupted the system call.

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Good information, but it doesn't answer the question. –  goertzenator Mar 1 '12 at 20:09

You need to set an handler. Have a look here.

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